Well,... Frank (that`s me) loves perfect cooking and Bob is a very gifted and genious designer.
We found that we`re a wonderful team and eating and cooking together makes us a real lot of pleasure.

What would make more sense than to approach a cookbook-project together.
In the meantime I collected a lot of international cookbooks. I`ve lived without cookbooks for a long time but I found that one can learn a lot in cooking-seminars or out of cookbooks or a least be inspired.

There are a lot of cookbooks on the international market and the question is:
Why should we produce one more ?
- There are still people who love damn good comics
- There are only few cookbooks which supply the reader
- with different levels of information
for - cooking
- The reader should have fun while reading and watching
- and at the same time learn a lot. This is a powerful
- combination. There are not sooo many recipes because
- the focus is on tips and tricks for cooks
- The reader can communicate with the authors via internet

Have fun while reading and learning !